Scholarship Recipients Graduate!

Out To Protect congratulates Danielle Hernandez and Drake Gammill on their graduation today from the Napa Valley Police Academy.   Danielle and Drake were both awarded scholarships in recognition for their leadership and for being role models for the LGBT community.  Both cadets were “out” to their peers from the beginning of their academy experience.  Even in today’s world, coming out in the law enforcement culture takes great courage.  They not only helped educate their fellow cadets on what it means to be part of the LGBT community, they performed exceptionally well in the academy and are now ready to serve as a peace officer in California.


Drake Gammill has been hired by the Contra Costa Community College Police Department and will be working on campus in Richmond, California.  Danielle Hernandez is in the process of being hired with a local law enforcement agency in the region.  She also received two of seven top performance awards during today’s graduation ceremony.

The Napa Valley Criminal Justice Training Center is one of 39 law enforcement training centers in California.  They have been leaders in providing innovative training in community policing and human relations for over 15 years.  The police academy is demanding physically and academically and requires a minimum passing score of 80% in each of six major core dimensions to graduate.  We are truly proud of both Danielle and Drake for their accomplishments.

Out to Protect provides scholarships for “out” LGBT students currently enrolled in a basic law enforcement academy, corrections academy, or 9-1-1 dispatcher academy.  We also provide training grants for law enforcement agencies to provide LGBT awareness training for their personnel.

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