Organization Formation Survey

Out To Protect is currently exploring forming an LGBT law enforcement organization of some sort for California.  Our role would be to help launch an organization that would some day become self-sufficient.  Based on interest you shared on the gay officers Facebook page, we are asking for your input on how to best structure a new organization.

Please take some time to provide your ideas and desires for an organization by completing the survey below.  Once we gather input from everyone, We will share the results with you and talk about next steps.

Which identity groups should be included in the organization? (Select all that apply by holding down the shift button)

Should the organization include civilian law enforcement employees?

Should the organization include reserve and part time law enforcement employees?

What should the organization be called?

What should the mission of the organization be:

What functions should be included in the organization website?

Assumptions About The Organizational Structure:

The organization will begin as a pay-as-you-go with no regular membership fee.

The organization will have a basic leadership structure of president and vice-president.

Membership will be verified by submission of a department photo ID card.

Out To Protect Inc. will serve as the initial fiscal agent and 501(c)(3) organization until such time as the organization decides to create/establish its own.

How many regions should be created within the state for the organization?

Should each region have its own representative?

Are you interested in a leadership role?

Are there any other ideas, suggestions, or thoughts you’d like to share?

Please share some information about you.

What is your name?

What is your email address?

Please complete this verification and then press submit.