Scholarship Application

We are now accepting applications for an Out To Protect Scholarship to be awarded in June 2022. To be eligible for consideration, you must demonstrate how you meet the scholarship criteria. This includes submitting a complete application by 5:00PM on May 27, 2022. Scholarship awards are $1000.

To apply for a scholarship, complete the application form below entirely.  An incomplete application will not be considered for an award.

You are strongly encouraged to submit letters of recommendation at the time of application from fellow students and academy staff.  Letters should be submitted on academy letterhead and speak specifically to the scholarship criteria.  Simply scan the letter(s), save them in PDF form, and submit them using the upload field at the bottom of the application form.

Scholarship Requirements:

  • Identify as gay, lesbian, bi-sexual, or transgender.
  • Be currently enrolled in a basic law enforcement training program in the United States (sponsored or self-sponsored in a law enforcement academy, corrections academy, or 9-1-1 dispatcher academy).
  • Demonstrate being a visible, positive role model for law enforcement
  • Demonstrate being able to graduate from a law enforcement training program.

    Part 1 - Applicant Information
    1. What is your name? (Enter first and last name)

    2. What is your current age?

    3. What is your email address? (Provide the email address you check frequently)

    4. List your facebook, myspace, or other social networking site URLs? (Enter "none" if you have no social networking sites)

    5. What is the best phone number to reach you?

    6. What is your complete mailing address?

    7. What is the name of the Law Enforcement Academy you attend? (Note: You must be currently enrolled at the time of application in a law enforcement academy, corrections academy, or 9-1-1 dispatcher academy).

    8 Describe the training program in detail including total hours and what job(s) you will be qualified for.

    9. What is your expected graduation date from the law enforcement academy you are attending?

    10. Which of the following best describes the type of training program are you enrolled in?

    11. Which of the following most accurately describes how you identify your sexual orientation?

    12. Are you "out" about your sexuality to family and friends?

    13. How long have you been "out?"

    14. If you are selected to received a scholarship, may we post your picture on our website?

    15. Are you in any way related to a member of the board of directors for Out To Protect? (If yes, explain in box 15)

    16. What else would you like us to know about you related to Part 1 of this application?

    Part 2 - Demonstration and Verification
    17. Describe how you have been a visible and positive role model for law enforcement? Provide as many examples as you wish.

    18. Describe your "coming out experience" including who in your life you are "out" to about your sexuality. What impact has being a member of the LGBTQ community had on your experience in your basic law enforcement training program?

    19. Describe your achievements in the law enforcement training program including your current GPA and class standing or ranking. What have you discovered are your strengths and weaknesses? Provide evidence that you will graduate from the program.

    20. After graduation, how do you plan to continue being visible and positive role model as a gay, lesbian, bi-sexual, or transgender person working in law enforcement? Describe strategies you envision using on the job.

    21. Provide the name, telephone number, and email address for at least two members of the academy staff and two of your peers in class who can verify the information you submitted in this application. Be sure to identify their rank and position. (Please inform each person you list about this scholarship and that we may be contacting them)

    Upload your letters of recommendation in PDF format here.

    Be sure to review all of your answers before submitting this application. You can print a copy of your application before you submit it for your records using the button provided in the lower right corner of this page.
    By checking this box, I attest that the information I am in this application is true, correct, and complete. The persons listed as references have given their consent to be called upon to discuss my qualifications for this scholarship and they are aware of the scholarship criteria. I understand that this attestation serves as my signature.