lawenforcement lights Scholarship Program

We offer a Law Enforcement Scholarship for individuals who identify as gay, lesbian, bi-sexual, or transgender and who are pursuing a career in law enforcement by attending a basic training program.  This could be, for example, a basic police academy, sheriff’s academy, corrections academy, or 9-1-1 dispatcher academy.  Our goal is to support individuals who are positive role models in law enforcement and who are “out” to their peers. We believe that by exposing law enforcement personnel to positive role models that the age-old attitudes and stereotypes about GLBT personnel working in law enforcement can change. We also recognize the courage required to “come out” and that required to be “out” on the job as a law enforcement professional.

The scholarship amount and number of awards is based on the number of donations we receive. Out To Protect is a non-profit organization operated by a group of dedicated law enforcement professionals who believe in the importance and value of diversity in the ranks of law enforcement. We receive donations mostly from working law enforcement officers and law enforcement professional associations. Our goal is to offer awards in June and December of each year. For more information about the scholarships available, please review the Scholarship Application page.

The following is a list of our scholarship requirements. Applicants must demonstrate that they have met each requirement in order to be considered. This is done through the application and verification process. You have nothing to lose by submitting an application, so we encourage you to give it your best effort.  We encourage applications from “sponsored” and “non-sponsored” students.  You can already be hired by a department or be a self-sponsored student going through a program.

  • Identify as gay, lesbian, bi-sexual, transgender, or straight ally and be “out” to your family, friends, and peers at the academy or law enforcement agency.
  • Be a recognized role model by your peers and supervisors.
  • Demonstrate use of the Law Enforcement Code of Ethics as a guide for decision making.
  • Demonstrate being able to graduate from your law enforcement training program.

You will demonstrate how you have met the criteria in writing using the Scholarship Application form or by submitting an essay via email. You don’t have to have graduated from a training program at the time of application, but you do have to provide evidence of being able to do so (i.e., be a student in good standing). We will complete the verification process based on the references you provide on the Scholarship Application form.  Applicants are strongly encouraged to submit letters of recommendation from peers and academy staff at the time of application.

The Board of Directors will review all applications and make awards to the most qualified. Please note that relatives, employers, or anyone with a conflict of interest with any member of our board is not eligible to receive a scholarship.

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