Scholarship Recipients Graduate


Out To Protect congratulates Zachary Johnson and Casey Williams who graduated from the Buckeye Hills Career Center Police Academy in Ohio on April 22, 2016.   Mr. Johnson and Mr. Williams were selected after a nationwide search to receive a scholarship from Out To Protect based on their performance in the 661 hour police academy program and for being outstanding “out” role models for the LGBT community.


From left to right, Zachary Johnson, Casey Williams, Academy Commander Jerry Leach

Mr. Johnson said,  After graduating from the police academy, “I would like to show everybody that because you are gay doesn’t mean you’re not able to work in law enforcement. Some may think that gays aren’t strong or tough enough to be in law enforcement. I would also like to participate in programs to help kids and teens with their problems.”  Mr. Williams said, I want “to be a voice from the law enforcement side to try to encourage lawmakers to afford better hate crime prevention laws protecting the LGBT Community.” Johnson and Williams were not only out as gay men in the academy, but as a couple.

Out To Protect Incorporated is the only national scholarship program supporting LGBT students enrolled in a basic law enforcement training program.  In addition, we provide training grants for law enforcement agencies to provide LGBT awareness training for the law enforcement profession.  Learn more at

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